To our Friends & Family,

Adam and I have some REALLY exciting news to share with you... is officially open for business!

So how did we get here? The story of Shinery actually begins back in 2018 when Adam proposed. I was in love with how my ring shined and I couldn't stop staring at my left hand. After researching and purchasing any product that promised to keep my engagement ring as dazzling as the day we got engaged, nothing truly seemed to work. I tried jars, tubs, dish soap, hand soap, even toothpaste and a toothbrush...but the results were always the same: a cloudy ring, dry hands, and keeping it clean felt like a chore. The light bulb moment occurred when we realized clean, convenient, and effective jewelry care didn't exist.

For the past year and a half, we have worked with the top formulators and chemists to bring our vision of clean, convenient, and effective jewelry care to life. We could not be more proud of the brand we have built and the products we have created. With that, it is our pleasure to introduce you to Shinery.

Shinery's mission is to reinvent old fashioned jewelry cleaning with products you can use on ALL jewelry.

  • We create products that effortlessly fit into your daily routine. 
  • We formulate with clean, plant-based ingredients so that you can gently clean your jewelry while softening and nourishing your skin.
  • We design all of our products to have luxurious packaging so that they look more like a beauty product than a cleaning product.

To launch, we are bundling all 3 products: Radiance Wash, Illuminating Pom, and Radiance Towelettes into our Essentials Trio. Designed to work together, the Essentials Trio is everything you need for ultimate shine. For our product information, photos, and instructions, check out our website at and our Instagram @Shinery.

Now that you know about Shinery, we need your support!

First, try our products!  We are SO excited to include you in the first steps of our Shinery journey!  You can do this by purchasing our Essentials Trio at and sending your feedback and reviews!

Second, give the gift of Shine!  You can purchase and gift products to anyone, whether it is your mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, or co-worker.  If you know a special bride-to-be, our Essentials Trio Bridal Collection is the perfect gift. Because many of you have expressed interest in purchasing large quantities for gifting, we've discounted the Total Essentials Bundle for our Friends & Family by $30. Our goal is to spread the shine to as many people as possible!

Finally, we need people to know we exist!  Introduce Shinery in any clever, heartfelt, enthusiastic way you can!

For instance:

  • Follow us @shinery on Instagram.  Share our handle and share our posts!
  • Post our website on your Facebook Page and in any Facebook Groups
  • Word of mouth. Talk about us! Spread the word!
  • Forward this email to your friends and family

We wholeheartedly appreciate your help in bringing awareness to our brand, especially in these challenging times.

Thank you for being there for us as we start our business adventure. 

Wish us luck,

Adam + Brea