The Essentials Trio

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Radiance Wash + Illuminating Pom + Radiance Towelettes

For decades, cleaning your jewelry was considered a chore.  We've made it part of your beauty routine.
Now all you have to do is simply wash, buff, and maintain.  All while keeping your jewelry on.
Our Essentials Trio is the luxuriously simple way to introduce chic, clean, non-toxic jewelry care into your daily beauty routine.
Designed to work together, these three full-size Shinery products work in harmony for ultimate shine: Radiance Wash, Illuminating Pom, and Radiance Towelettes.

    You can now pamper yourself with this innovative product that takes something you are doing every day, washing your hands, and completely transforms the experience. By simply washing your hands, you can now safely clean and add that sparkle and shine to your jewelry while softening and nourishing your skin. Radiance Wash is exclusively formulated with plant-based ingredients, rather than harsh or toxic chemicals. Radiance Wash is 3.3 fl. oz.

    The revolutionary way to buff and polish your jewelry. Gently rub the Illuminating Pom over your jewelry for luminous shine. The first jewelry pom of its kind, Illuminating Pom is created with soft, non-abrasive material perfect for polishing all metals and gemstones and will not scratch or leave streaks. To take your shine to the next level, use after Radiance Wash at home and after Radiance Towelettes while on the go. Illuminating Pom comes in a chic and convenient storage jar and contains 3 poms.

    Easily maintain your shine on the go. Constructed with a precise fiber count and thickness, each towelette gently lifts and traps all residues when wiped across the surface for visibly radiant results. This fast-drying formula does not require rinsing and is the perfect tool for on the go. Radiance Towelettes are exclusively formulated with plant-based ingredients. Each box contains 10 individual towelettes.

    All products in The Essentials Trio are safe for use on ALL metals and gemstones.


    The Essentials Trio



    Leave jewelry on. Wet hands with warm water.  Dispense 3-4 pumps into palm of hand and work into soft lather. Massage into skin, paying specific attention to jewelry. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.


    Make sure both the jewelry piece and Illuminating Pom are dry. Insert your fingers under the strap of the pom and gently buff desired piece with the soft side of the pom.  Pom is re-usable until you feel you need to start fresh.


    Gently wipe jewelry, watches, and other pieces that need to be cleansed from dirt, oil, and beauty build up.  Discard wipe after use. Radiance Towelettes are designed to be residue-free, streak-free and no rinsing is required.



    We believe in applying the most innovative, market-leading technology and formulating with clean, plant-based ingredients to completely transform the way you think about jewelry care.

    We believe that if ingredients are banned in other countries, are disruptive to our hormonal system, or are known allergens and irritants, there is no reason to formulate with them. That is why we have Our No List: The Fearful Five. 

    The Essentials Trio