We created Shinery with the belief that if we use the most innovative, market-leading technology and formulate with clean, plant-based ingredients, we would have no need for secrets, no need for hidden ingredients and formulas, and wouldn’t have to compromise on the results.

There are four principles that guide our ingredient philosophy:

Principle #1: Formulate & Educate

We believe in only using intelligent ingredients for radiant results. All of our formulas have been specifically developed by leading chemists to harness the beautifying power derived from both plant and water-based ingredients. We believe in educating on how our formulas work and why they are effective.

Principle #2: Technology & Innovation

We believe in using the most innovative, market-leading technology to create products that require minimal effort yet offer maximum results. All of our products are thoughtfully designed and easy-to-use for immediate and noticeably visible results.

Principle #3: Ingredient Declaration

We believe in transparency and do not believe in trade secrets or mysterious formulas. We believe you deserve to know exactly what is in the products you are using.

Principle #4: Our No List: The Fearful Five

Some of the most common ingredients in personal cleaning products aren’t actually clean at all. This is why we developed our own No List of Ingredients that we call the Fearful Five; if it is dangerous or toxic, you won’t find it in any of our formulas.