Jewelry Care

Our line is easy to use, safe on all metals and gemstones, and formulated with only non-toxic, plant-based ingredients. Select drop down below for our product recommendations for specific metals + gemstones.

Diamonds are a very durable stone, but buildup and dirt can cloud the surface. Buildup on the prongs or surrounding structure can also leave your diamond looking dull and lackluster.

We recommend cleaning your diamonds with the Radiance Wash daily to remove dirt, oils, beauty buildup, and ensure your diamond is always shining its brightest.

Pearls can be fragile and very sensitive to chemicals and moisture. Avoid contact with lotions, perfume, beauty products, and water.

Wipe your pearl jewelry after each wear with a Radiance Towelette to ensure longevity and the ultimate shine.

Although Ruby is a durable stone, it is best to avoid soaking them in harsh chemicals or drying with rough fabrics, such as paper towels. Harsh fabrics could possibly scratch the gemstone.

We recommend using our Radiance Wash for daily jewelry care and polishing weekly with our Illuminating Pom, as the fabric is soft, non-abrasive, and will not leave scratches or streaks.

Emeralds contain filled fractures, so we do not recommend using an ultrasonic, as the vibrations can weaken the stone. Soaking your emerald jewelry in soapy water or harsh chemicals can dilute and weaken the stone.

The best way to clean your emerald jewelry is by using the Radiance Wash after each wear.

Opals are a sensitive stone and are vulnerable to scratches and chips. We recommend avoiding using your typical dish soap, because it can easily dry out the stone and cause dullness.

The best way to clean your opal jewelry is to use the Radiance Towelettes. They are non-toxic, plant-based, and do not require rinsing or submerging your stone in harsh chemicals.

Aquamarine is an extremely durable stone and is resistant to scratches and abrasions. However, we do not recommend cleaning aquamarine with cleaners that are not plant-based.

The best way to clean your aquamarine jewelry is to use the Radiance Towelettes. They are non-toxic, plant-based, and do not require submerging your stone in harsh chemicals.

White Topaz is a very durable stone, but can be scratched easily. We do not recommend using traditional soaps or drying towels, as the stone can be sensitive to scratching or fading.

We recommended cleaning your white topaz with the Radiance Wash after each wear for the longevity of the stone and to prevent buildup.

Turquoise is a fairly durable stone, but can easily be discolored by high temperatures and chemicals. We do not recommend soaking your turquoise in a jewelry cleaning solution because this can potentially damage the stone.

To avoid soaking your turquoise in water, we recommend cleaning your turquoise with the Radiance Towelettes, with a quick wipe you can eliminate dirt and oil buildup on your stone.

Gemstones are perfectly unique regarding color, shape, and strength. When it comes to caring for your gemstones, these are all important elements to consider.

The best way to clean your multi-stone jewelry is by using the Radiance Wash after each wear to ensure its longevity and brilliance.

Sterling silver is sensitive to tarnish due to its reaction with sulfur components in the air. Fortunately, tarnish is a surface reaction and does not damage the integrity of the metal.

With proper care and maintenance, you can keep your sterling silver tarnish-free. We recommend using our Illuminating Pom, as it can remove tarnish from all your sterling silver jewelry with ease. For more tarnished pieces, we suggest using the Radiance Wash first.

The difference between various types of gold is the amount of gold that the metal contains. For solid gold and gold-filled jewelry, we recommend using the Radiance Wash. For gold-plated we recommend using the Radiance Towelettes and Illuminating Pom, as water can strip the thin gold layer over time.

Permanent Jewelry may come in a variety of metals, but they all have one important thing in common: Jewelry that is designed to stay on.

We recommend using the Radiance Wash for daily permanent jewelry care, the Radiance Towelettes for on-the-go cleaning, and The Illuminating Pom to care for metal that have lost its luster.