Getting engaged is one of the most meaningful and memorable moments of your life.  Seeing your beautiful ring shine in the box, we all become determined to make that shine last forever, just like our love. This is where the story of Shinery begins.

I began researching and purchasing any product that promised to keep my ring shining like the day we got engaged, but was always disappointed. Traditional jewelry cleaners were filled with harsh chemicals and I hated taking my ring off.  Dish soaps were too harsh on my skin, leaving my hands dry and chapped.  Hand soaps left a cloudy film on my ring.

Wedding planning and trying new ways to clean my ring became part of my daily routine.  On my wedding day, I thought I could rely on the luxury hand soap at the hotel for a finishing touch up.  This time was no different. I got married with a cloudy film on my ring. I was devastated.

I was looking for a clean, convenient, and effective product that didn't exist. I spent the next year working with top chemists and formulators to develop Shinery's original collection of jewelry care products: Radiance Wash, Illuminating Pom, and Radiance Towelettes. Each product was specifically created to completely transform the way you think about jewelry care. Our products effortlessly fit into your daily beauty and personal care routine so you can love your shine, anytime.

Love your shine,