Radiance Wash

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Meet any engagement rings new best friend: the first ever hand soap that cleans your engagement ring every time you wash your hands – no need to take your ring off! Show off that gorgeous sparkler each and every day!

For someone newly engaged or for someone who has been married for years, there are few things more mesmerizing than watching your engagement ring sparkle and dance in the light after it has been freshly cleaned and polished.

We’ve made regular, at-home cleaning something you can easily fit into your beauty or self-care routine so you can keep your engagement ring shining between professional cleanings.

Our Radiance Wash is formulated with plant-derived surfactants that surround and trap dirt, oil, beauty buildup and other resides from your jewelry and wash them away with the water, leaving you with an engagement ring that looks like new!

It is as easy as washing your hands.  The plant-based surfactants remove the dirt and oils from your jewelry and are washed away with water. 


This formula is specifically formulated to be clean and gentle. Safe for use on all metals and gemstones.

Water, Potassium Cocoate (plant-powered surfactant), Glycerin (plant-powered skin softener), Sodium Cocoate (plant-powered surfactant and emulsifying agent), Sodium Gluconate (plant-powered water softener), Glycol Distearate (fatty-acid conditioning agent), Hydroxyethylcellulose (plant-based thickening agent), Potassium Citrate (natural preservative and pH adjuster), Citric Acid (plant-powered pH adjuster).

For Your Jewelry: Potassium Cocoate

This plant-based ingredient is the potassium salt of fatty acids from coconut oil. As one of the main naturally derived surfactants in the formula, this ingredient is responsible for the effortless removal of dirt, oil, beauty buildup and other residues that dull your jewelry's shine.  This key ingredient has strong foaming properties which is the key to dislodging the dirt and grime from your jewelry in hard to reach places.

For Your Skin: Glycerin

This plant-based ingredient is a natural by-product of the saponification process.  Glycerin is one of the most widely used moisturizing ingredients.  Glycerin causes a barrier on the skin that locks in existing moisture, as well as drawing moisture from the atmosphere on to your skin.  This key ingredient is critical to the formulas success for its ability to moisturize your skin while being non-greasy for your jewelry.


Radiance Wash

A gem of an idea: hand soap that cleans your jewelry at the same time - so you don't have to take off your rings and risk losing them while washing! What a cute, useful present for anyone who loves to really sparkle.

Cleaning my engagement ring is as easy as washing my hands. Rub into damp skin and rinse. Glycerin softens hands while fatty acids nix buildup on jewelry, leaving a sparkle that rivals a professional cleaning.



Leave jewelry on. Wet hands with warm water.  Dispense 3-4 pumps into palm of hand and work into soft lather. Massage into skin, paying specific attention to jewelry. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.



Radiance Wash